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Johanna Foods Announces Plans To Double Yogurt Manufacturing Capacity
Johanna Foods, Inc. announced today that it has commenced construction of a 65,000 square foot expansion of its yogurt manufacturing plant, creating new capacity and capability to market present and future customer needs. The expansion and upgrade project includes the addition of 19,000 square feet of cold storage space and a 46,000 square foot dry goods warehouse and yogurt processing area.

The Johanna Foods yogurt plant produces branded and private label yogurt for distribution primarily in the Eastern United States. Johanna Foods’ flagship brand, La Yogurt, is sold in retail grocery stores from New England to Florida and enjoys a leading market share in the New York metropolitan market. La Yogurt is available in a wide array of flavors and styles including Lowfat, Nonfat Probiotic, Enriched with Calcium & Vitamins, Rich & Creamy and Sabor Latino varieties. Johanna Foods offers functional probiotics to private label brands and incorporates them in its own La Yogurt product line.

“When completed, the expansion to the yogurt manufacturing facility will provide Johanna Foods’ yogurt division with nearly double the current capacity and add several new product capabilities to meet growing and changing consumer preferences” explained Robert A. Facchina, President and CEO of Johanna Foods.  Facchina also stated that the project will take 24 to 36 months to complete.

Johanna Foods’ significant investment in its yogurt plant is consistent with the company’s uncompromising commitment to employ only the best in human resources and physical assets. Through these efforts and accomplishments, Johanna Foods maintains its position as the premier yogurt production supplier servicing the Eastern United States.

Headquartered in Flemington, NJ, Johanna Foods is also a leading beverage manufacturer producing private label and retail juice and drink brands including Tree Ripe and Ssips. Earth Wise, a new brand of entirely natural premium juice beverages, was launched earlier this year.

Johanna Foods, Inc. and CBS Team Up to “Feed America”
Johanna Foods, Inc., the Flemington, NJ-based manufacturer of popular brands such as Ssips, La Yogurt and Tree Ripe, continued their tradition of charity by donating more than $30,000 worth of Ssips drink boxes to CBS’s "Facing Hunger: Feeding America." Food Drive. The Ssips donation, totaling 160,000 drink boxes (or two tractor trailer loads of Ssips) was broadcast during a special segment on CBS’s “Early Show” on the morning of Wednesday, April 30th.

Initiated by owner Robert A. Facchina, Johanna’s well-received contribution was a major factor in the event’s success. Despite the company’s status as a smaller, privately-held company, the value of their donation exceeded that of larger companies, including Ragu, Uncle Ben’s, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Key representatives from JFI’s management team were on hand for the official presentation and television broadcast. The contribution falls in line with the company’s proactive stance towards helping worthwhile causes, working with notable organizations such as The Hole in the Wall Gang, CEA (Center for Educational Advancement), Special Olympics of NJ, American Heart Association, The National Immunotherapy Cancer Research Foundation, local food banks and many more.

The donated foods will be distributed by America’s Second Harvest, the largest domestic hunger relief network in the United States. The organization annually helps over 25 million Americans in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

To learn more about America’s Second Harvest, log onto, where you can make a donation to fight hunger nationwide, or locate your local food bank to support efforts in your town.

For more information on Johanna Foods, Inc, log onto

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